How to become customer’s first choice salon?

The beauty business is a booming business, and so is the competition in this business. Though it is a common perception among people that owning and running a salon is simple, and it is all about offering good service and good looks, but there is a lot more to this equation. Like any other business, this market has a cut-neck competition, and it takes a lot of work to be the customer’s first choice. No matter how silly this may sound, but you should aim at becoming a brand that chooses its customers and not the other way round. And here’s what need to do to be that brand. Invest in Spa management software and give your business a jump start.

Understanding your customers
In the service industry, an essential element to succeed is to understand the requirements and offering what is needed. A common mistake that most owners make is assuming that it is a generic industry, while in reality there is a demand for niche skills and services. In order to survive, you must understand the demand of your immediate market while keeping up with the global trends. As a business, your salon must thrive to offer the best of what your customers are looking for.

Concentrating at a business vertical
The domain of services and offerings in the salon industry is vast, while mastering and managing them all is extremely difficult. Having too much on your plate would make it organise and offer them effectively. Furthermore, you would require heavy investment in equipment, skill development and hiring, space and extensive management team, while the returns might not be that promising. On the contrary, concentrating on a few offering and being known for them would compel the clients to come to you. Be different and stand out in the market.

Invest in trust building
The salon business is driven by trust, and client engagement is highly dependent on this factor. Creating brand recognition can boost customer’s trust in a business and as this awareness grows, so does your demand and market value. Thus, you should invest intensively in advertising and client engagement. Furthermore, customer experience is a crucial contributor to client retention and loyalty. Therefore, your focus should be on creating a pleasing customer experience that keeps bringing them back.

Offer undeniable deals
Everybody loves offers – getting a little extra is always exciting. Use these human instincts to your benefit and come up with alluring combos and deals. Don’t give away things for free, rather couple a few things and make your customers feel that they are getting more from less. This is a smart way to attract customers without having to shed money from your pocket; rather this would boost up your sales.

Becoming exclusive
Being a decent salon which offers simple ‘walk-in and get served’ can push down the image of your salon. Rather, this is the era of being exclusive and special. While keeping certain regular services in that domain, you should consider making your services and salon sessions exclusive – salon appointment only. This would boost your salon image exponentially, while making it easier to manage your operations. Don’t forget that people would be expecting online reservation options when we talk about appointments.

Setting up and running a salon business is already difficult in itself, surviving in a competitive market makes it even more challenging. It is a simple Demand-supply concept – with too many regular salons in the market, the customers can be choosy. However, when we talk about exclusive and renowned brands – there are very few of them. So to be their only option, you have got to be the best they can get.



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